After a series of talks and meetups concerning climate change a few things became abundantly clear:


Observation #1:     The science is sound and getting more accurate every day.


Observation #2:     Official reports - e.g. by the IPCC - can not keep up with the pace of day-to-day science. And, as important, their
                                conclusions are very much on the safe side because of a lot of political influence and pressure coming their way.


Observation #3:     People in The Netherlands are willing to act, but they also demand leadership and honest policies from their government.


Observation #4:     Political choices that are being made lack vision, motivation, transparency and (thus) support by society.


The Carbon Trilogy works towards an independent civil-society-based think tank (Dutch: Denktank) on climate change solutions focussing on The Netherlands. The framework has been inspired by 1. the work of Paul Hawken and his team in the book 'Drawdown - 100 solutions to reverse global warming' and 2. the manifesto 'Tegen verkiezingen' by David Van Reybrouck.

As a platform The Carbon Trilogy does not want to reinvent the wheel and strives to work together with other parties as much as possible. Personally I will be acting as a moderator as well as an instigator. Together we will be focussing on the following talking points:

  • Private Tax | Carbon Tax

  • The Energy Sector

  • The Power Grid

  • Energy Storage

  • The Chemical Industry

  • Agriculture

  • Land Use

  • Transport

  • Waste Management

  • Buildings and Cities

  • Biodiversity

  • Financial System

  • Subsidies

  • Regulation


The above might sound ambitious and maybe it is. But it is definitely doable. So, please tell me, who should I be talking to?

Looking forward,

Merijn Horck

M +31 6 52 073 293 | E mhorck<a>gmail<dot>com | LinkedIn