EU Plan to Burn Wood Instead of Coal Threatens Forests

Biomass, Regulation - Courthouse News Service - Key Takeaway: *It’s the rave in Europe: Instead of burning coal and fossil fuels to generate heat and electricity, wood chips and pellets are being fed into Europe’s boilers. In what critics consider a dangerous sleight-of-hand and act of political greenwashing, an updated set of European Union rules encourage the burning of wood in power plants and claim it’s “carbon neutral” — meaning it won’t add to the planet’s warming — under the assumption that trees grow back.*

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De zin en onzin van biomassa

Biomass - FTM - Key Takeaway: *Biomassa is een energiebron van organische oorsprong. Het is ook een reden voor experts, politici en wetenschappers om rollebollend met elkaar over straat te gaan. Zelfs