For the sake of the climate we must stop believing magical stories about plastics and recycling

Materials - Unearthed - Key Takeaway: *As the Centre for International and Environmental Law put it rather soberly; ”recycling alone will not reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the plastic lifecycle commensurate with the reductions necessary to meet the Paris Agreement.“ Put another way, calling the production, recycling and eventual incineration of single-use plastic circular only makes sense if you define the circle in question as starting at some point in the Jurassic period and forget about everything that must happen at the end.* 

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Gaat bietenpulp fossiele grondstoffen vervangen?

Materials - - Key Takeaway: *...De hoofdconclusie van het onderzoek: bietenpulp kan dienen als biobased en duurzamer alternatief in de chemische industrie. Het vervangen van f