Global Warming Is Hitting Ocean Species Hardest, Including Fish Relied on for Food

Biodiversity - Inside Climate News - Key Takeaway: *..."Fish don't have refuges. On land, a lizard can crawl under a rock and get shade, but there's nothing like that in the ocean. Basically, you're sitting there floating around in this soup of warm water with nowhere to go," he said. Payne said that particularly applies to the fish living along continental shelves, which are also the species most accessible for coastal communities. While some ocean-going species can dive down into deeper and cooler water, coastal fish that live in shallow water don't have that option. As a result, some coastal areas in the tropics will turn into ocean deserts, nearly devoid of fish.*

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Henk Tennekes wist waardoor de bijen sterven

Biodiversity - NRC - Key Takeaway: *Eigenlijk had Henk Tennekes niets met natuur. Tot hij ontdekte dat een nieuw landbouwgif bijen de dood in drijft. Daags voor zijn dood spreekt hij zich nog eenmaal