This Tiny North Carolina Town Is Sick of Being a Dumping Ground for Pollution

Biomass - NRDC - Key Takeaway: *Though wood can be a renewable resource when forests are replanted, it’s not nearly as clean as, say, wind or solar. “The big problem is that people have treated biomass as if it’s carbon-free,” says Timothy Searchinger, a Princeton University researcher with a focus on bioenergy. “The thinking is, if you cut down a tree and a tree comes back, it’s free. But cutting down a tree for fuel is always worse than fossil fuels.”*

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De zin en onzin van biomassa

Biomass - FTM - Key Takeaway: *Biomassa is een energiebron van organische oorsprong. Het is ook een reden voor experts, politici en wetenschappers om rollebollend met elkaar over straat te gaan. Zelfs