Government rules and regulation play an important role in any transition. They should be clear, in effect (soon) and there to stay for the long run. Only then we can expect individual people and businesses to commit all their time and money towards making the changes a short-term reality.

As a first step I have generated a list of the most relevant go-to options we have. For now I will strictly focus on The Netherlands. 


Together with experts in the field I am going to touch on the subjects below. It is an ongoing framework. You will find all the updates below specified for each specific part of the puzzle. 

01. Permits | Licensing | Concessions

Governments need to develop a strategy for what kind of businesses and operations they will allow to - continue to - operate. Industry changes take a lot of time to take effect (e.g. into the power grid, renewables) or in other cases phase out (e.g. coal and natural gas installations).

02. Law Enforcement

As important as a good set of rules is a government willing to enforce them. Especially when the stakes are high.